3 Drawer Wide Storage Plastic Weave Set Of 2 Home

The six drawer cabinet comes in dark blue with red drawers, but we have a variety of cabinet and drawer colors for you to chose from also, all for the same price. Industrial parts cabinets with drawers in shelving combine storage for small, medium, and large parts in one organized unit. If you will be adding them to your bedroom, they’re great for storing sweaters and blankets.

Storage cabinets with drawers. The six drawers on the bottom can each hold 250 pounds. It offers ample space for accessories such as books, dinnerware, a towel, and more. Storage cabinets (plastic/metal/wood) storage ottomans; This 4 drawer cabinet gives you enough storage for a unit of this size. Not only are these cabinets great for neatly organizing your cd's, but the addition of drawers means that they can also be used for storing other items.

Add a sustainable and charming storage option to your furniture with our rustic solid wood 56’’ h storage cabinet w 4 drawers. The storage cabinet makes an ideal storage or display solution for the home. There are plenty of cd storage cabinets with drawers to choose from. Vidmar® drawers are built tough and can hold up to 440 lbs., so racing facilities can store heavy auto parts out of the way. The tores accent cabinet is a drawer chest with three large, pullout drawers to help you store everything from flatware and china to linens and accessories.