Antique Buyers Near Me at Craigslist

Local places to sell toys. I received a very fair bid via email, and then all i had to do was box up the coins and take them to fedex. We are cash buyers with same day payment.

Who buys antiques near me. Nowadays, it’s much easier to contact more people online. One benefit of selling antiques on ebay is its reach. Antique shops tend to take a wide variety of items rather than niche goods so what you are selling really makes a. Nothing is out of scope as we buy and sell all types of antiques and. Being known as top dollar antique dealers in nj, offers competitive prices, antique appraisals, and full estate liquidation services.

There are places online like craig’s list, ebay, and etsy where you might get a great offer. The best places to sell antiques near me and online. The downside to selling antiques on the internet is that the cash may not be immediate, and there is a slight learning curve. It can also be a great idea for a new business venture! Ad fully managed safe and secure.