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Interlocking units with extra thickness will cost a bit more. Wrestling mats are easy to roll out or fold, use for practice, and easy to store until next time. We recommend the product that's right for you, not for our bottom line.

Wrestling mats for sale. Wrestling mats made from polyethylene foam can't compare to the physical properties of rubber nitrile foam. As low as $9.88 / sqft. Wrestling mats, home wrestling practice, wrestling training. Resilite’s liteweight wrestle like a girl signature mats are perfect for practicing and training at home. Circles are available for each size mat and are complementary for competition sizing, select from circle sizing below.

As low as $7.05 / sqft. Score an amazing deal on demo mats, overstock, and remnant mats in various sizes and colors. High school wrestling regulation size mats are 38' x 38' with a minimum 28' wrestling circle. The sale price includes 2 rollers. Depending on the size and quality, you can also get mats for up to $800 and that is for a 12×12 wrestling mat.